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Have you imagined how our lives would be if the natural resources are permanently damaged? All that we need to intake such food, water, the things we are using such as clothes and furniture, the place where we live in are in existence all because of mother nature. As such, it is unfortunate that the natural resources that we have are already is in danger due to climate change and globalization that are the consequence of the actions committed by humans.

Natural Resources

There are so many natural resources now that are running out quickly. No one seems to care and the worse part is that they even get the problems aggravated over time. Good thing that there are already many organization or environmental groups nowadays that are emerging all around the world to call for everyone to take an action about this huge issues that we are facing since many years ago. One of the states that are pursuing to save our natural resources is the state of Florida. That is why many of the concern citizens decided to create an organization that will help save the natural resources, especially of this state.

Our Affiliates

Florida Conservation Coalition Organization is a  group of individuals and several affiliates who are willing to help voluntarily to conserve all the natural resources of Florida. In this blog, we will tell you the importance of natural resources in our lives and how we should keep and protect them from harm.

Support System

Do you know that oceans have a huge contribution in generating oxygen that we breathe? The earth consists 70% of water and it is known as Earth’s life-support system. Humans, animals, and everything that lives depend on water sources. In return, we on the other hand also depends on the animals and plants for survival.

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Source of food

What facts say?

Sea animals are proteins that we need in our daily diet and experts discovered that there are fishes which can fight against cancer. This means that oceans are providing the most promising source of medicine to cure the killer disease. That is why we should help and take an action to protect the oceans and the environment.
Fact 1
The natural resources generate lots of benefits in our lives. Conservation is important in protecting the environment as it will help to preserve it for future generations. Oceans, forest, and animals are the life support of humans. If they are protected, then we could have a better life, a better world, and a better nature, and atmosphere.
Fact 2

What should do to protect our natural resources? It is not new to you that climate change causes a critical impact on our lives and resources. The Florida Conservation Coalition suggests citizens conserve the resources especially those that are accessible to them just like ones located on the front of your garage door in Fort Myers. If you have a space big enough, make it a point to plant a tree, flowers, or plants to reduce the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Do not throw anything in the water or in the streets that could harm the oceans and the organisms living under. We are here to help and you too can help in your own little ways. Protect the environment for healthy living. Let’s take an action to have a better living.

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