Helps to protect our marine ecosystem, the forests, and all animals living in the planet - Florida Conservation Coalition Organization

Florida Conservation Coalition is an organization that helps to protect our marine ecosystem, the forests, and all animals living in the planet Earth especially in the state of Florida. The organization is founded in 2000 and since then, we are continuing what we have started in the name of the healthy living and a whole new and better environment. We are dedicated and passionate to do it so, we will never stop until we see the changes and we have passed it on to the next generation who are willing to continue our mission.

Florida Conservation Coalition has already gained hundreds of thousands of members from all over the state. We are the organization that is most effective and powerful at effecting changes in government and corporations in the states. When it comes to the well-known and respected environmental organization Florida, Conservation Coalition is the one. We are fighting for the conservation and preservation of animals, land, forest, air, and water.

Our affiliates consist of lawyers, environmentalists, small organizations, teachers, and more. We are very proud of ourselves that we have gained recognition and appreciation from the people and government but what we all want only is to consider nature just like every living thing that supports life and make it a point to protect it from harm. We want every citizen and the government to support and help us in this fight. We are striving to do our very best in order to engage the people to cooperate. Florida Conservation Coalition is conducting community forums to tackle what are the things needed to get their community clean and their natural resources protected. We are lecturing them on what to do even in their own simple way. Not only that, we are gathering all the students and encouraging them to be a volunteer in cleaning up the water system and in planting more trees for a start. For the younger students, we teach them to start the conservation in their own home. In this way, they will learn to conserve, preserve and protect the environment while they are young and carry it until they are adult.