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Hello everyone! Does anybody have any ideas on where and how to start looking for a job or an internship in a non-profit organization? I’m looking specifically for a non-profit conservation organization who works on saving wildlife and with local communities, any ideas? I worked recently in a wildlife conservation organization but I am having trouble with them and now I’m planning to start looking for one again as an intern. Is Florida Conservation Coalition looking for an intern like me? Are they focusing on wildlife conservation? If not, is there a directory of non-profit organizations? Should I just make a phone call, present myself and send my CV on them? I really need your advice and ideas, it will be really appreciated! Thank you so much in advance.


You had a problem in your recent organization? Whatever the reason is, you should be thankful that you had the opportunity to work with them in helping to conserve the wildlife. Florida Conservation Coalition is not just focusing on wildlife but also in every aspect of the environment. They are on the highest level of organization when it comes to the matter especially since they deal with the problems on the land, air, and water. They are the better organization focusing not only on one part but in the whole picture. You can email them and present your CV. For sure you will be hired immediately as you have the interest to protect the wildlife, maybe they will put you in the wildlife department if you ask them to. Alternatively, there are small organizations in Florida focusing on the conservation of wildlife only. Some local communities such as charities are very common here. But if I were you, I will prefer to apply to the Florida Conservation Coalition as they are the biggest and the most effective environmental organization in the state of Florida.


Thanks for the reply!